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The Sexual Education Centre (SEC) is a student run organization whose goal is to provide University of Toronto, Mississauga students with education and resources on healthy sexuality, as well as support students as they discover a variety of issues pertaining to their bodies and sexuality. UTM SEC provides its services by using a non-judgemental and objective approach, and touches on diverse issues related to human sexuality. It welcomes all backgrounds and sexualities.



Sexual Health Education

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The Sexual Education Centre at UTM offers numerous services and workshops throughout the year!

We offer services and cater to everyone

UTM SEC offers services and resources to everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation and background.

This mission statement is very integral and forefront at the Sexual Education Centre. We don't discriminate. We also understand that sex and sexuality is a topic that some may be unaccustomed to speaking about while for others it is commonplace.

Either way, we are happy to support you in your journey of asking questions, uncovering answers and making informed choices.

Make an appointment with any specific concerns in mind or come on for any snap questions you may have. The UTM Sexual Education Centre is here for you and works for you.

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What’s new about the Sexual Education Centre this year

Our branding! We have changed our name and logo. We are now the Sexual Education Centre (instead of the Sexual Education and Peer Counselling Centre). We have a team of peer support volunteers. To learn more about what they do and how they can assist you, click here.

This year, SEC will bring a variety of workshops, services and resources to the UTM student body. You can expect to see some familiar ones of the past and some news ones. To see the list, click here.

We will also be emphasizing and reminding students of the importance of ensuring their personal safety and engaging only in consensual intimate activities.

We are introducing new resources on abstinence. To learn more about abstinence and what it means, click here.

We have added new resources to our library on sex and spirituality.

We will be hosting events that speak about relationships, intimacy and intercourse on a wider societal level, and how something behind closed doors can actually impact a community.

Above all, we will be emphasizing that SEC is a place for everyone to come, learn and enjoy. It is meant as a place for those who are more comfortable with vocalizing their thoughts and questions and/or for those who regularly encounter issues related to healthy sexuality, as much as it is for someone who prefers privacy of thought and/or does not regularly engage in intimate activities.

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