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Hey Guys!

I promise that I’ll try and blog twice a week, but things are going to be pretty hectic for the next month so don’t wait by your computer or anything.

Let’s start this thing off by going back to the basics for a minute, ok?

Do you know how to properly put on a condom? Because I sure didn’t.

You’d think this would have been something they would have taught you in high school, you know, with a banana, but for some reason it was never covered. I went to a catholic school though, so maybe that’s just the way they roll.

So, I’m just going to go over it once again to make sure that everyone knows how to do it properly because SAFETY IS SEXY!

1. Check the date. One time I almost brought home a condom that expired a couple of months earlier and that would have just been a disaster, so make sure you check those dates! They are located on the back of the condom and on the box when you buy them!

2. Check for holes or damages. Look at the package for any visible tears or damages and lightly press on the condom to make sure that no air has escaped. If anything seems funny, throw it out!

3. Open it from the side. Don’t rip the packaging down the middle and DO NOT rip it open with your teeth. I know it seems like a sexy thing to do but you risk damaging the condom when doing any of it.

4. Check for which way it’s supposed to unroll. Make sure you check for the proper way to unroll it. Not only it is safe, but will also help you avoid awkward situations if you end up putting it on backwards. Hint: it’ll look like a tiny sombrero when it’s the right way.

5. Place on the head of the penis and pinch the top of the condom between your fingers! Make sure you pinch that reservoir! There will be less chance of air pockets forming and reduce the chances of breakage. It will also create a place for those little swimmers to get to after ejaculation.

6. Roll it down. All the way! Make sure it gets all the way down to the base of the penis!

You got it on! Congrats! Now go have fun you crazy animals! (Cue Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On)

When you’re finished with all that bump and grind, it’s time to take it off!

Grab the base of the condom when the penis is still hard and slip it off, making sure that none of those little suckers get out of there. Then, tie it into a knot and throw it in the trash!

It’s a lot of info, but it will keep you safe from unwanted pregnancies and STIs so make sure you do it EVERY TIME!

If you want to actually see how its done, pop by the SEC office in the student centre for a demonstration (don’t get too excited, it’ll be on a fake penis)!

Enjoy those post-sex cuddles you guys!




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