Curious Cat

Hello lovely people!

My name is Catherine and I’m a volunteer here at SEC! I’ve taken up some of the blogging for the website and I’m excited to start writing about sexy things that will hopefully interest you all!

So, a little background on myself before we get started:

–       I’m originally from Ottawa, and I moved out here to go to school here at UTM. I’m majoring in CCIT and English, and it’s been pretty cool so far.

–       I’m 20 years old, so technically I’m considered an adult. I’m sure you’ll soon figure out that adulthood is not something I’ve completely grasped yet.

–       There are two subjects I can talk about for hours: Food and sex. Both are just so interesting!

On that last note, these blog posts of mine will mostly be about sex, and sexual health (although I might talk about food in relation to sex every once in a while because I love food too much). I’ll talk about sex toys, safe sex, hookups, breakups, stigmas, how to deal with the single life, how to spice things up with your partner, SEC events, and so much more!

So I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I’ll enjoy writing it!

Until next time!




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