Happy Halloween!

Hey all you beautiful people!

So I’ve decided to only blog once a week instead of twice a week. However, since this isn’t technically a sexy post, I’ll make another other on Saturday or Sunday to make up for it.

It’s Halloween!

Time to dress up in crazy-awesome costumes and head out there to go trick-or-treating! Jokes, time to half-ass a costume at the very last minute and go out drinking.

I want to remind everyone to have fun tonight, but to also be safe, so here are a couple things to remember before heading out for the night:

Let someone know what your plans are. Make sure someone (your friend, mom, WHATEVER) knows where you’re going to be and when you’ll be home (whether it be that night or the next morning, wink wink). They’ll be able to help you if you get lost in a haunted house or kidnapped by zombies, or any other type of trouble happens.

Know your limit. You’re an adult. I get it. You can do what you want. But if you are going to be consuming alcohol tonight, make sure that you know your limit so that you don’t get sick or get yourself into trouble. Try to drink some water too; it’ll help you avoid a hangover the next morning!

Respect other people. A sexy costume is not an invitation to be groped or hit on. Just because that girl’s costume is a sexy bunny, it doesn’t mean she wants attention. It goes for you too, ladies. Just because a guy is dressed as an extremely hot lifeguard with chiseled abs and the perfect tan, it does not give you an excuse to stroke his abs and squeeze his bum. Don’t assume, ask. Always.

Arrange a way home. Do NOT drive home unless completely 100% sober. Call a cab, call a friend, call your mom, it doesn’t matter just make sure you have a way home that is safe and reliable!

Wrap your junk! You know what’s scarier than ghosts and goblins? STIS. So wear a condom if you plan on getting any action tonight ok? Follow this link for proper instructions on how to put one on: http://utmsec.ca/backtobasics/

I hope everyone has a hauntingly good time! (haha, Halloween pun)




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