Long Distance Relationship: Sex Edition

Hello my lovelies.

Are you currently dating someone long distance? It’s really hard, so kudos on making it work!

I find the emotional side of a long distance relationship to be easy to handle. Talking on the phone, Skype, and texting makes it easy to let the other person know that you love them, and that they haven’t been forgotten.

You know what’s hard about long-distance relationship?

Sexy things.

In my personal experience of how to handle a long distance relationship, I found that the thing I missed the most was the fact that I couldn’t touch my partner. Couldn’t hug or kiss or…do…things. *cough, cough*.

Sure, you can talk about those things over the phone, type about it over text, and mimic it over Skype, but it’s not really the same, is it?

So when I heard about this sex toy called Zeus and Hera, I was really intrigued.

It’s a toy designed specifically for couples in long distance relationships. It’s a flesh-light type of device for him, and a vibrator for her. The couple uses the toys at the same time, and the speed censors in Zeus (male toy) will detect the speed of your partner’s actions and send to the Hera (female toy). On the opposite end, Hera will detect the pressure inside the toy based on the female’s reaction and send it to Zeus, which will then automatically adjust itself to match using air pumps.


I mean, come on, that’s pretty cool.

However, cool doesn’t come cheap. Each toy sells for $189 on LovePalz.com

But if you’re getting bored with Skype/phone sex and you’ve got the money, this looks to be an awesome way to keep the spice going in a long distance sex life.

(It might also make a really cool valentine’s gift when that comes around.)

Happy sexing!




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  1. Guy Reply

    Oh wow!
    I just discovered something here! I have to share this with my readers!!!

    I agree with you when you say that sex is one of the hardest thing to cope with when you are in a LDR. Video-calling made long distance relationships easier but as you mentioned in your text, sex is still ..not the same It’s about time that they come up with something like this.

    Great post Cat


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