Hello lovelies,


You know how there’s the “I love boobies” bracelets? They should make “I love balls” bracelets too. Because even though they are kind of weird looking, none of us would be here without them <3.

Also, they have to dangle outside the body, all vulnerable and stuff. Poor things.

But since there aren’t any bracelets out there yet, here’s another way to show your support for men’s health: Grow a ‘stache!

It’s changing the face of men’s health. Literally!

It’s that time of the year again when men everywhere start letting those upper-lip hairs grow freely as a way to show their support for the fight agaisnt testicular and prostate cancer.

Remember ladies, even though your boyfriends and all your male friends will look a little creepy with their patchy, half grown mustachios, they are doing it for a really good cause, so give them all the support they need!

Everyone can make a donation, and support a moustache-growing man by going on to Its a great website where men post the progress of their ‘mos and collect donations for the cause!

Let’s help change the face of men’s health; grow a moustache and make donations!

Save the balls!


‘Til next time!



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