Pubic Hair

There’s an article circulating Facebook about an American Apparel store front that displayed its mannequins wearing nothing but 70’s style lingerie along with this popular hair style!


This has brewed some controversy amongst on lookers, which got me thinking… Why? Why is pubic hair such a big deal? Some people think it has something to do with the porn industry setting the trend for the bald and the beautiful, I tend to agree to a certain degree. Yes it’s true that there isn’t much of a variety when it comes to pubic hair in North American porn, but what about porn from other parts of the world? I’m sure some of you have stumbled across the ol’ Japanese porn, let me tell you there’s definitely something different going on there.

Everyone is different. Everyone is attracted to different things, if pubes aren’t your thing cool, but maybe think about why it’s not your thing. Think about it this way: if women in the 70’s sported their pubes much like the mannequins in the A.A. store front and men thought it was sexy, what’s stopping men from feeling that way now? And it’s not just women that seem to be dealing with this new trend. Men too have started waxing, shaving, laser, all in an attempt to achieve… What? Perfection?

In response to that I say forget the media! Do what you want! And don’t let others judge you for your choice in pubes. Whether you prefer to grow your bush, maintain it or get rid of it all together you shouldn’t be judged.  If you are, you’re with the wrong person, period. Regardless of what you identify as, it’s just hair!

If you would like to read the article I have linked it here:

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